What is a Reiki attunement?

What is a Reiki attunement?

The Reiki attunements are the energy alignment a teacher of Reiki (Master) gives to a Reiki student.

The methods of attuning a Reiki student vary between the styles and type of Reiki school, however, they all have the same outcome of attuning a student to the Reiki energy and thus allowing them to use that Reiki energy from then on.

A good analogy for a Reiki attunement is to think of Reiki as a radio signal.

And a Reiki Master attunes our bodies to that Reiki signal and be are bestowed the ability to channel the Reiki energy from the Reiki source.

You do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work, thus removing the placebo effect, Reiki healing can be successfully bestowed to anyone or anything.

The actual Reiki attunement ceremony is fairly short in length, though powerful in that it attunes you to the Reiki source. You can physically feel the heat of the Reiki Masters hands as they attune you and you can feel the energy flowing into you.

Many attunements make use of symbols and incantations, which the Reiki Master uses to create the attunement. The symbols and words ( normally said in the mind ) act like keys to unlock the Reiki pathways.

If you would like to understand Reiki more and how it might help you, or would be interested in learning Reiki do get in contact.

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