What Are The Benefits Of Learning Reiki?

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Reiki?

The benefits of learning Reiki are many and the Reiki system provides for a large scope of possibilities.

Reiki has many benefits for the Reiki practitioner and of course, the person receiving the Reiki energy, as the Reiki practitioner you will also benefit from channeling the Reiki energy to another.

Here are some of the key benefits of learning Reiki:

  • Reiki heals the Physical body
  • Reiki works towards healing the cause of illness
  • It eliminates the effects of imbalance in the body
  • Reiki last a lifetime, once attuned you have access to the energy
  • It does not conflict with religious beliefs
  • It can be learned ( attuned) by and used by anyone
  • It can be combined with other healing methods
  • Reiki is a self-empowering healing method
  • You can heal yourself with Reiki
  • Reiki is intelligent energy, it goes to the greatest need for the highest good of all concerned
  • Reiki promotes the qualities of love and compassion
  • Reiki creates, with constant use, a sense of deep peace in your life
  • Reiki subdues anger
  • Reiki does not interfere with western medicine, it will enhance and assist the body to heal itself
  • Reiki can be used on animals, adults, children, plants, water, basically anything
  • Reiki calms nervous tension
  • Reiki calms fear
  • Reiki subdues negative emotions
  • Reiki is healing energy and it always safe and never harms
  • Reiki flow when you touch something and it’s always on and available 24 hours a day.

If you would love to learn more about Reiki do get in touch.

I wish you splendid health


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