Book A Reiki House Or Room Clearing With Equine Reiki United Kingdom

  • Reiki Sessions Costs

    The Reiki Sessions can be in person or done remotely.

    I prefer to meet the owner and house in person and then as required and as convenient we can move to remote energy sessions, where the energy is sent from the Universe via me to the human and/or house at a given time.

    The costs for the Reiki:

    *In person –  House or Owner : £45 for a typical 45 minute Individual session

    *In person –  House and Owner £60 for a typical 60 minute Joint session

    I love providing Reiki for both House and Owner in the same session, it really relaxes the owner and clears the house in one go ].

    Remote – £35 for a session

    The session can include Reiki energy for house and owner as required, I will start with the house and if time allows move onto the owner. Houses can often need the full 45 minutes to start with and other times just need a 20 minute top up, which leaves time for the owner to get a look in 🙂 !

    *no additional travel costs if within 20 miles of my base in Gawcott, Buckinghamshire, otherwise 20+ miles lets discuss in person

    Why not get a group together and I can visit your street and Reiki a few of you and your houses, happy to travel further for a group day…


  • How to Start Reiki

    If you put your contact details into the form opposite I’ll be in touch to arrange a time convenient to us all.


Contact / Book A Reiki Session

Provide your Name, Email, Telephone and basic details about your house and where the Reiki session will take place, as I will come to you, and press the [Book Reiki Session] and I’ll be in touch to arrange convenient time for us all.

no spam here..

We Are In Gawcott, Buckinghamshire

We Are In Gawcott, Buckinghamshire, MK18 4HT and will travel up to 20 Miles radius for visits to you and your horse,

anything over 20 miles radius we can talk about travel costs, we do have the option of distant Reiki, I'd need to know where you and horse are

and a picture of both and the distance Reiki session can take place at a convenient time.

The standard charge is 25p a mile for each mile over 20 miles.