United States Government recognises Reiki as complementary medicine

United States Government recognises Reiki as complementary medicine

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) (National Center for complementary or alternative medicine), which depends on the National Institute of Health, is the organism that has elaborated information regarding Reiki considering it as medicine complementary.

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They also collect on their website information on different investigations and official studies that are being carried out regarding the use of this technique as well as recommendations for its use.

Currently, there are more than 800 hospitals in the US that offer Reiki to their patients.

There are many examples of the integration of Reiki in the US Health:

One of them is the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan, where Reiki is taught to nurses and medical personnel. And in several hospitals, Reiki is taught to residents, as part of their training.

Another example is the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, pioneers in DaVinci robotic surgery. His patients are given Reiki therapies and on his website, he explains:

“What are its benefits? The research work on different energy therapies has shown that Reiki produces a reduction of anxiety, muscle tension, pain, accelerates healing and provides well-being. It is beneficial during the illness, after the interventions, in the pre- and post-operative period, as well as to increase the state of health.

The National Center of Complementary or Alternative Medicine of the USA considers that Reiki has a series of advantages that facilitate its use as a complement to traditional medicine.

-It is not a religion, which is why the religious beliefs of the person do not matter.

-The patient does not need to “believe” in Reiki. You do not even need to know the name of what you are receiving. Reiki acts independently of the opinions or points of view of the person who receives it.

-Do not need equipment or instruments, facilitating its use in any location.

-Does not have any kind of conflict with drugs or treatments, on the contrary, it usually reduces side effects.

-It has no contraindications. A Reiki session cannot be harmful.

-An ethical Reiki practitioner “never” should make judgments about the patient’s health status, nor suggest changes in medication, nor enter into issues related to conventional treatment received by a patient.

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