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Welcome to my website, my name is Kevin Paul Humphrey, I live in England (UK) and my passion is coaching, mentoring people and using my Reiki skills, so that individuals and horses can remember who they are and be their full ultimate selves.

I am also a keen horse rider and ‘Fav’, the shire cross that I am human too, ride out 5-6 times a week. We love competition and after some attempts, over the year at Dressage [ we were like a rugby player attempting ballet ] we stopped and loved a bit of show jumping, however a gallop across a field and standing on a stone ended that via a cracked bone, so we now hack for fun.

The mindfulness coaching led me to Reiki and I now have Reiki levels 1 and 2 and I gained my Master Reiki in August 2019.

And in July 2019 I was attuned to Rahanni Celestial energy healing, I can use either to help you recover fast and move away from pain and suffering.

I offer Horse and/or Rider and Hounds (all pets) and Houses, my Reiki energy channeling skills, to help with injury recovery, competition nerves, past traumatic situations that need to be left in the past and not remembered with pain.

The road can be tricky and uneven, often with long climbs uphill and sudden drops, however, the journey is always worth it, as the destination is ultimately beautiful.

Let me be your guide on this journey of Life…..

Much Love


Reiki Master and “Have It All” Coach & Mentor for your ultimate life.

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