Chakra Positions For Equine Reiki

Chakra Positions For Equine Reiki

horse chakras equine reiki united kingdom
horse chakras equine reiki united kingdom



There are seven agreed upon chakras for all creatures with a spine. Well, as agreed upon as anything ever is.  Horses have additional/secondary chakras that are as important to them as the main chakras. Their High Solar Plexus Chakra, Nose Chakra, Ear Chakra, Hoof Chakra and Tail Chakra centers are all covered below.



  • Color: Red
  • Crystal: Carnelian, red jasper, garnet, ruby (for energy) and hematite (for grounding)
  • Energy: Feeling at home, comfortable in your own skin, grounded

If the BASE [Root] Chakra is balanced, open and in sync, your horse should feel safe, secure and grounded. This leads to a more confident, trusting horse. If your horse is fearful, high strung or nervous, the Root Chakra may be under-active. An over-active Root Chakra may create a greedy horse, one who pushes others out of the way for food, water or attention. They crave routine and any small change may throw them off.


  • Color: Orange
  • Crystal: Citrine, carnelian, tiger’s eye, clear quartz
  • Energy: Emotions, feelings, and sexuality

With an open and balanced Sacral Chakra, your horse’s feelings are expressed appropriately, not TOO affection and not overly aloof. They are open to affection and loving. An underactive Sacral Chakra leads to a stiff horse, lacking in emotion or warmth. This is the horse who hangs back and is wary of attention or contact. An over-active Sacral Chakra can cause your horse to be too emotional and flighty. They may be needy, emotionally attached to people and separation anxiety may be an issue. Think Drama Queen or King.


  • Color: Yellow
  • Crystal: Citrine, yellow topaz, yellow amber or clear quartz.
  • Energy: Appropriate dynamic within the herd

An open, healthy Solar Plexus Chakra enables your horse to feel in control of themselves and confident. An under-active Solar Plexus chakra may cause your horse to be skittish and timid. An over-active Solar Plexus chakra may cause your horse to be pushy, intimidating, domineering and maybe even aggressive. Yes, the bully of the herd!


  • Color: Green for Healing or Rose Pink for Love
  • Crystal: Malachite, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, rhodochrosite or clear quartz
  • Energy: Love, kindness and affection

An open, balanced, aligned Heart Chakra will allow your horse to be loving and friendly, a pleasure to ride, a delight to have in the herd. An under-active Heart chakra may cause your horse to be afraid of everything, cold and keep you at a distance emotionally. I personally do not feel there are over-active Heart Chakras in horses.


  • Color: Clear Blue
  • Crystal: Turquoise, lapis lazuli, azurite, aquamarine, clear quartz
  • Energy: self-expression and being heard

An open, aligned Throat Chakra allows your horse to express herself and make her needs known. An under-active Throat Chakra makes for a timid, shy, even introverted horse. An over-active Throat Chakra in horses leads to continual whinnying, braying or vocalizing.


  • Color: Indigo
  • Crystal: Tourmaline, sodalite, azurite, and clear quartz
  • Energy: insight, self-knowledge, and visualization

An open and balanced Third Eye chakra allows your horse to fit in easily with their herd and the people in their life.  An under-active, Third Eye will inhibit your horse’s ability to think on her own. Your horse may be easily confused or timid, unable to make a decision without being led. (I am exercising extreme willpower to keep from a leading horse to water reference). An over-active Third Eye and your horse may live in a fantasy horse work and do nothing but play and frolic. Hey, that doesn’t actually sound bad to me!


  • Color: Violet or white
  • Crystal: Amethyst, moonstone, sugilite, sodalite, fluorite, clear quartz
  • Energy: Ability to access universal “Horse wisdom” and being comfortable in the world

An open Crown Chakra allows your horse to be aware of the world around her and how she fits into that world. An under-active Crown Chakra crates that sad horse who never quite fits in. The horse that is excluded from the herd games and activities. An over-active Crown Chakra creates a pensive, worried, anxious horse who works themselves up over nothing.


Horses have additional energy in the following chakras in the areas of their body that bring them more information.


  • Color: Bright Yellow-Green
  • Crystal: Serpentine or New Jade
  • Energy: Appropriate interactions with people

On open, healthy High Solar Plexus Chakra allows your horse to have appropriate interactions with people as pertains to being ridden. This chakra is not as important in horses who are not domesticated or ridden. An over-active High Solar Plexus Chakra makes for a difficult to ride horse. They will be difficult to saddle train and flighty, they tend to never settle in to the horse/rider bond and resist the entire process. The under-active or blocked High Solar Plexus Chakra can cause a horse to take no pleasure in being ridden, they are like riding Eeyore, a big sigh and a “Well, if I HAVE to, let’s go” mode just oozes from them.


  • Color: Aqua
  • Crystal: Prehnite
  • Energy: Assimilation of information center, enhances inner knowledge

On open, healthy Nose Chakra allows your horse to receive the information via their olfactory glands. While a horse does not have quite the sense of smell as a dog does, horses have a much more sensitive send of smell, than we do. An open Nose Chakra allows your horse to grab scent particles that tell them if there is danger nearby (good old fight or flight), the sex and temperament of a new horse to the group and if the humans they are interacting with are confident or afraid. An under-active Nose Chakra inhibits this info gathering ability.


  • Color: Teal or greenish blue
  • Crystal: Azurite or Malachite
  • Energy: Connection and communication

Balanced, open Ear Chakras allow your horse to pick up on sounds in all the ranges their acute hearing. They can hear a higher range of sounds than we do, think of how their ears twirl and twitch as they sonar-like gather every crack of a twig. Open, clear Ear Chakras enable horses to hear this full range. Closed, blocked Ear Chakras; whether due to stress, loud or high pitched noises or the side effects of ear infections can cause your horse to be agitated, anxious or depressed.


  • Color: Deep magenta
  • Crystal: Petrified wood
  • Energy: Connection to nature and the earth, feeling grounded

When they are open and clear, the Hoof Chakras ensure a constant, connected flow of communication and harmony with the energy grids of the Earth. Hoof Chakras also allow our horses to discharge or send energy back into the Earth. Think of your horse pawing the ground or kicking up his heels. He is sending his signal out to the world and dispersing spent energy.

Your horse’s Hoof Chakras are critical to their safety and well-being. Those four relatively small points are what connect your horse to the earth, allowing them to turn and run when danger is detected.


  • Color: Deep red
  • Crystal: Cinnabar
  • Energy: Aligns and clears blocks (flicking of tails) and connects the Root and Higher Chakras

The Tail Chakra in horses acts as an extension of the Root Chakra in many ways. It provides additional grounding and a feeling of security. It also connects to the Throat Chakra to provide more open communication channels. Horses share a lot of information via their tails. They swish their tails to get rid of pesky insects. Tails are held high in delight when horses frolic. Stallions hold tails high to show dominance. Just like dogs, tails clamped down to the body show fearfulness.

What about a horse whose tails have been docked?

In my opinion, the lack of a tail puts horses at a disadvantage. Other horses cannot read signals from them as easily and may misinterpret their motives. Have you seen a horse walking into a new herd with that high, stiff swishing tail…pulled up really tall? That is an “I am friendly, but if you act snarky, I will be all up in your stuff” message.

Now that you know about your horse’s chakras and what each of them does, what the heck can you DO to help them be in balance, aligned and firing on all chakra cylinders?

Book a Reiki session of course 🙂

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